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Signal Hill MFRC is now closed for renovations. New assessments have us re-opening on July 9. Dates are subject to change.

Activities & Workshops

Here are some upcoming social activities and workshops available to those experiencing a deployment.

Away Cafe

Weekly meetup group for people experiencing a deployment. Free child care, if booked in advance.

Build Your Own Everything Binder

Learn how to create a binder to prepare you for your upcoming deployment.

Children's Deployment Workbooks and Parent Guide: Info Session

Information session on how to use the children’s deployment workbooks.

Children's Deployment Workshops: Age 3-5

Tuesday morning workshops that give kids the chance to hang out with others going through the same experience.

Children's Deployment Workshops: Age 5-8

Tuesday afternoon workshops that keep kids connected to the deployed parent.

Children's Deployment Workshops: Age 9-12

Monday afternoon workshops that help kids stay connected to the deployed parent.

Children's Deployment Workshops: Kindergarten-Age 12

Wednesday evening workshops for school age kids experiencing a deployment.

Deployment Dinners

Monthly dinner for those people experiencing a deployment.

Dealing with Deployment (R2MR): For Adults

If you are going to be experiencing a work-related separation, you’ll want to take this workshop.

Dealing with Deployment (R2MR): With Children

If you have kids and are going to be experiencing a deployment, this is a valuable workshop for you and your family.

Father's Day BBQ at Goldstream

Celebrate Father’s Day with the MFRC at Goldstream Park.

Mother's Day Tea

Come celebrate Mother’s Day with the MFRC.

Return and Reintegration (R2MR): For Adults

Learn some useful techniques and tips to have a successful homecoming.

Return and Reintegration (R2MR): With Children

If you have kids, here are some tips to help everyone in your family have a successful homecoming.

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