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Family Networks

When you are part of a Family Network, you get up-to-date, accurate information about deployments. In an emergency, the Fleet turns to the MFRC to distribute information to families through the Family Networks. Another great part of joining your Family Network, you’ll get connected to others going through the same experience through social activities.

Family Network PageNetwork Rep Email
443 SquadronAmy
HMCS REGINAAnn Marie and Jessica
HMCS WINNIPEGDanielle and Christie 
Terra Firma – Shore Units & Imposed RestrictionMelanie
Terra Firma – Courses & Deployments Sophia

Fill out a Family Information Form and join your Family Network today:
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Each ship has a Family Network. Terra Firma is for those on Imposed Restriction (IR), those with loved ones posted to an east coast deployed ship, those with loved ones on extended training elsewhere in Canada, those who are parents of military members posted elsewhere in Canada and all others that are connected to a military member who is not posted to a HMC Ship in CFB Esquimalt.

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