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443 Squadron Family Network

When you join a Family Network, you’ll receive important email updates on a deployment, information on social activities and get the opportunity to connect with others going through the same experience. If your loved one deploys on an air detachment as part of a ship, we suggest that you join the ship’s family network.

Family Network Representative: Vacant
Email:Family Network Rep
Facebook Group:Email your Rep to be added
Family Information Form:EnglishFrench (PDF)
Deployment Support Book:EnglishFrench (PDF)
Unit Website:443 Squadron

443 MH Community Connections

Meet other families of 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron at a social meetup.

Deployed on HMCS St Johns?

Do you have a loved one on HMCS St John’s? Are you receiving the newsletter and/or emails from the Halifax MFRC? If not please email them at to get updates and information.

Mailing Address for St John’s
Members Name, Rank, (mess #/dept)
PO Box 99000, STN Forces
Halifax, NS B3K 5X5

Please bring in parcels anytime to one of our two locations. The parcels will be picked up from the mail office and will be sent directly to Halifax by the Mail Office through Canada Post.

There will also be a brief slideshow available online from the Commanding Officer of the ship monthly.  Contact the Esquimalt MFRC or the Halifax MFRC to receive the link and password.

Pre-Deployment Briefing for 443 MH Squadron

Informational briefing for families with members deploying on east coast ships in the next few months.

Preparing for Deployment Workshop

If you are going to be experiencing a work-related separation, you’ll want to take this workshop.

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