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HMCS Ottawa Family Network

When you join a Family Network, you’ll receive important email updates on a deployment, information on social activities and get the opportunity to connect with others going through the same experience.

Family Network Representative: Tori and Hillary
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Admiral's Message

I am very proud to pass on my congratulations to the officers, crew, and families of HMCS OTTAWA and HMCS WINNIPEG on the extraordinary hard work that you all have put in to preparing for this upcoming deployment. This sail will take you across the ocean to an area of strategic importance to the Canadian government, and I am confident in your abilities to represent the Canadian Flag with pride, to execute your operations with the excellence demanded of our public, and to ensure that your families are cared for during your absence.

To the loved ones of these fine sailors, I am very aware of the challenges facing you as your spouses, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, significant others, and friends depart for a long period to the other side of the world. My goal is to have the best services possible to help you through this process and to help you in the event of crises at home during the deployment. Your well-being is a critical enabler to the operational success of our sailors, and I give this responsibility the utmost importance.

To this end, I hope you will remain engaged and active with the Military Family Resource Center. This dedicated group of people has worked equally hard in preparation for the upcoming deployment to develop the programs and resources that will help you through the various stresses and problems that arise during the course of separation. This Deployment Handbook is designed to help explain what services are available and how to use these services, including who you can call in the middle of the night when something goes wrong and you need assistance. They are also putting together the network of families and friends going through the same process and who can share experiences and provide mutual support through the challenges of the upcoming months.

As we are all aware, world events are unpredictable and OTTAWA and WINNIPEG’s mission and focus may shift depending on national priorities. The area where OTTAWA and WINNIPEG will be operating is one of the most complex social and political environments in the world, and the dynamic in the region is constantly evolving. Having two fully trained ship’s in the area gives Canada a means of improving our relations with partner nations and the ability to quickly react to changing events and catastrophe’s, such as the recent events in New Zealand.

I am very excited for the opportunity’s that will present themselves to the OTTAWA and WINNIPEG families over the coming months, and I will be waiting expectantly for the safe and successful return. “Fair winds and following seas.”

Rear Admiral Art McDonald
Commander Maritime Forces Pacific

Adult Deployment Workshops

Here are a few upcoming workshops coming up.


Deployment workshop on how to manage a transition.

Find out more

Stress Busters

Learn some tools to deal with stress during a work-related separation.

Find out more

Re-establishing Your Relationship

Learn some tips to re-establish intimacy in your relationship after a long separation.

Find out more

Return and Reintegration

Have a successful homecoming and reunion.

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CO's Presentation

Recap of the last presentation from the Commanding Officer of HMCS Ottawa to families.

Mail Dates

Here are the upcoming mail dates for this deployment.

  • Monday April 24 (No animal/animal products, meat/meat products, telecommunications equipment, newspaper/books/magazines or chewing gum).
  • Friday April 28 (Signal Hill location), Saturday April 29 (CPAC location):  no Animal/animal products, meat/meat products, telecommunications equipment, newspaper/books/magazines or chewing gum
  • Wednesday May 10:  no meat products, watches, clothing
  • Friday May 19 (Signal Hill location), Saturday May 20 (CPAC location): no coffee/tea/spices, meat/vegetable products
  • Monday June 12: no Perfume, Seeds, Telecommunications equipment, meat products, beverages
  • Tuesday June 20: no coffee/tea/spices, meat/vegetable products

Sunday Information Session for HMCS Ottawa

Monthly information sessions to learn more about the deployment.

Sunday Session Online Followups for HMCS Ottawa

A chance to get a recap of the Sunday Info Session and an opportunity to learn more about your deployment.

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