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Submarines Family Network

When you join a Family Network, you’ll receive important email updates on a deployment, information on social activities and get the opportunity to connect with others going through the same experience.

Family Network Representative: Kiaya
Email:Family Network Rep
Facebook Group:Email your Rep to be added
Family Information Form:EnglishFrench (PDF)
Deployment Support Book:EnglishFrench (PDF)
Website:Royal Canadian Navy

Banner Making and Homecoming Info - March 19

March 19: Pizza Dinner (5:30pm), Banner Making (6pm), Homecoming Information (7pm)

This is our last session before the boat comes home! Come out, enjoy some pizza and celebrate the end of the deployment with one another.  At 6pm, we will have the gym open for you to come and decorate your own Welcome Home Banners, all supplies will be provided. At 7pm, there will be a session explaining how the homecoming day will unfold, how to access the Dockyard, and the event schedule for the day.  As well, members of the Formation will be on hand to answer any of your questions and concerns.  On-site childcare will be provided.  Pre-registration is required for all participants at least 7 days in advance by calling the MFRC at 250-363-2640.

Family Grams

Family Grams provides a way for Submariners and their families to keep in touch while the submarine is at sea. Note that there are limitations and strict requirements for a Family Gram.  Please view the Family Gram Booklet provided to the MFRC by the Canadian Submarine Force.

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LTA Explanation for HMCS Chicoutimi

HMCS Chicoutimi members have been briefed about the LTA process prior to deployment. Those members who have indicated that they wish to have an LTA during the deployment have filled out and signed an LTA entitlement form and a DND 2330 (Leave travel Assistance form) with their signature and blank dates in order for their spouse to bring in paperwork after the LTA travel so that the claim could be paid and processed.

If there is members who want to use LTA and didn’t fill out the form prior to departure, they can still come see MS Tommy Poliquin on deployment, and he will just need to get their signature and they will be able to do the same procedure.

Family members can go ahead and purchase their plane ticket, the only problem is that the boat does not have the exact leave block granted by the CO for Chicoutimi members at this time. MS Poliquin indicated that it is still a little early to book flight tickets. But if the primary NOK of the member already knows the dates he/she wants to fly in and out, they can book them at this time.

Military Members have to be aware that LTA is authorized only once every fiscal year.

The documents needed in order to process an LTA Claim are:

  • LTA verification of entitlement signed by member
  • DND 2330 signed by member
  • An approved leave pass
  • A proof of purchase for plane ticket (Print out of plane ticket and Credit card number on it)
  • If member travels to meet NOK, member needs a stamped leave pass by post office or airport in the city they travel to.
  • If reverse LTA, proof of travel by spouse (Boarding pass)

They can also meet in a third location, this means that member and primary NOK will travel to a third location. If they do so, the same requirements as mentioned above will be needed.

If they need an advance for LTA, the military member will have to fill out a DND 432. This will go to Base cashier with all the other documents required for LTA. If the ticket is already purchased, the amount of the advance will be a 100% of plane ticket fare. If it is a quote and ticket hasn’t been purchased, the amount of the advance will be 80% of the quote provided.

The maximum amount that members are entitled is calculated by the formula: 13092 × OLKR, where OLKR is the Ontario lower kilometric rate.

So, the maximum entitlement with the rates of 01 Oct 2017 would be: 13092*0.195 = $2552.94 (No matter in which country they travel)

Please note that the rate might change in January 2018, so if LTA is taken after Dec 31, 2017, the maximum entitlement could change.

For the question regarding booking by travel agency, it is recommended to book online. If you want to book through a travel agency, you have to make sure that there is no extra fees added on top of flight ticket cost. If there is any other fees above the cost of the ticket, you won’t be reimbursed for them.

For the question regarding the processing of LTA, as long as the member has already signed the required documents, the primary NOK can bring (after LTA) the required documents to MS Banera for processing (Boarding passes) after the trip, and it will passed on to BOR for payment. (As long as members have filled out and signed all required documents)

If you are wanting to submit a quote or a purchased ticket for an advance, you can forward you plane ticket receipt to MS Banera or MS Tommy Poliquin, and they will proceed with the advance. (As long as members have filled out and signed all required documents)

Please note that ferry fares are not included for LTA / HLTA.

If families have any other questions regarding LTA, you are invited to communicate directly with MS Tommy Poliquin at

LTA guidelines   LTA FAQ

Submarine Community Connections

Monthly meetup for members of the west coast submarine community.

Videos on HMCS Chicoutimi

Coverage from David Common from CBC’s The National

Two 360 views courtesy of CBC’s The National

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