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Terra Firma Family Network

When you join a Family Network, you’ll receive important email updates on a deployment, information on social activities and get the opportunity to connect with others going through the same experience.

Terra Firma now has two family networks:

  1. The first one is for those on Imposed Restriction (IR) and for those posted to shore units.
  2. The second one is for those on deployment and for those experiencing a work-related separation due to a course.
Family Network Representative: Melanie
Email – Shore Units & Imposed Restriction:Family Network Rep
Email – Courses & Deployments:Family Network Rep
Facebook Group:Email your Rep to be added
Family Information Form:EnglishFrench (PDF)
Deployment Support Book (Ships, Helicopters, MCDVs):EnglishFrench (PDF)

Deploying in 2018?

Do you have loved one deploying in 2018?  We have several resources for you:

Postal Information for OP UNIFIER

Operation UNIFIER is Canada’s contribution to support Ukrainian forces through capacity building, in coordination with the United States and other countries providing similar training assistance. There are some specific mailing instructions for that deployment:

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