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Current Opportunities

Check back regularly for the latest projects, events, and programs requiring volunteers.


If you enjoy writing and are willing to share your experiences living the military lifestyle, you should blog for the Family Navigator website ( We are looking for people to write about their experiences with work-related separations, joining a new community, family with special or complex needs, and more.

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Communications Advisory Council

Every couple months, we get a group of subject matter experts together for a roundtable discussion on marketing, communications and public relations. We’ll be looking for people to offer their personal or professional expertise in things like social media, technology trends, what’s working and what could be improved.  Military members, military spouses/partners or civilians are all welcome to attend. The group occasionally meets in person but will often connect via Google Hangouts.

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Deployment Childcare

Deployments happen frequently at CFB Esquimalt and that means that there are a lot of activities/workshops/groups that take place to support those experiencing a work-related separation. We could use your help providing childcare.

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Family Network Volunteers

Become a vital part of a successful deployment by getting involved as a Family Network Volunteer. Have fun while making connections with your community. Enhance your group facilitation skills, provide information and support to your fellow military families while gaining experience with communications and organizing special events. Share your skills and knowledge. Interested? You will need approximately six hours per month. We need extra volunteers for all Family Networks to assist with activities, communications and planning.

We are currently seeking a primary Family Network representative for the following network:

  • 443 Squadron
  • HMCS Regina
  • MCDV’s

We are currently seeking secondary (back up) Family Network representatives for the following networks:

  • 443 Squadron
  • HMCS Calgary
  • HMCS Regina
  • HMCS Ottawa
  • MCDVs
  • Submarines
  • Terra Firma

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Fundraising Assistant

Located in Victoria’s Inner Harbour, “The Homecoming” statue captures that magical and special moment when a sailor returns home to family and community.  Commemorative bricks surround the site and pay tribute to military members and their families. Since 2010, the MFRC has sold bricks each year to help raise funds for the organization.  Sales of these bricks go to benefit our programs and services.  New bricks are added to the site in advance of the Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic (first Sunday in May) and Remembrance Day in November. There is potential to sell a lot more bricks in the future but we need help in order to make that happen.


Do you like to take photographs? Do you have a camera that you’d like to put to use? If you do, we’d like to use your talent and expertise to increase the number of photographs in our photo library. We will use your photographs in our printed materials and on our website. Some photographic projects:

  • Greater Victoria and CFB Esquimalt for our Welcome Book
  • MFRC programs, events, workshops and groups
  • Headshots and group shots of staff and volunteers
  • Signature photos for our core program areas

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Photo Models

Help us out in a very unique way! From time-to-time, the MFRC could use a few bodies to use in our promotional materials, in resources, or on our website.  If you are comfortable having your photo taken, you should apply for this position.  There will be a variety of opportunities available and you are welcome to have your friends/family participate as well.

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Social Media Assistant

If you love social media and want to help tell our story online, you might be interested in this new role. You’ll attend events and activities, take photographs, post updates, and engage people in conversation. It’s about telling stories … in the digital world!

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Special Events

Special events are ongoing throughout the year and always in need of support from volunteers. Jobs vary from planning committees to set-up/tear-down crews to event photographers. Come learn about event planning and execution while enjoying the fun and camaraderie of these special events. Help is needed with:

  • Naden Band Christmas Concerts (CD sales) each December
  • Father Daughter Sweetheart Dance
  • Pacific Women’s Day
  • Formation Fun Day
  • Heroes Hockey Challenge
  • Victoria Royals CF Appreciation Night

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Volunteer Training Facilitator

Do you have a talent or a passion you are willing to share with other people? Would you like to practice your facilitation skills and give 2-3 hours of your time to a group of eager learners? Some of the skills that are of interest: computer skills, photography, event planning, communication/workshop facilitation etc. The MFRC is looking for facilitators/trainers to provide learning opportunities/professional development to our valuable volunteers. Required commitment: 2-3 hour workshop time during an evening or Saturday, possible follow up sessions.

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If you enjoy writing and want to tell the stories of the military family community, here’s an opportunity you might find interesting. You can write about MFRC programs, your experiences in the military family community, tips on a particular subject, upcoming events, or extraordinary people in the community. Some projects to work on:

  • Writing a 300-500 word article for the Activity Guide (upcoming deadlines: mid-June 2017 and mid-October 2017)

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