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Activities & Workshops

Some activities specifically for your children.

Children's Deployment Workshops: Age 3-5

Tuesday morning workshops that give kids the chance to hang out with others going through the same experience.

Children's Deployment Workshops: Age 5-8

Tuesday afternoon workshops that keep kids connected to the deployed parent.

Children's Deployment Workshops: Age 9-12

Monday afternoon workshops that help kids stay connected to the deployed parent.

Children's Deployment Workshops: Kindergarten-Age 12

Wednesday evening workshops for school age kids experiencing a deployment.

FRIENDS for Life

The FRIENDS for Life program help children cope with feelings of fear, worry and anxiety by building resilience and self-esteem and teaching cognitive, behavioural, and emotional skills in a simple, well-structured format.  This program is for children in Grade 3 or 4.  Call the MFRC at 250-363-2640 to register or find out if this is the right group for your child.

  • Taking names for the next session. Call the MFRC to express interest.

Stress Lessons

Help your child deal with stress and become a more resilient young person.

Summer Fun for 3-5 Year Olds

Kids age 3-5 can stay active this summer with this popular program!

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