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Unfortunately, we have experienced some delays in the renovation process at our Signal Hill location. We now hope to re-open by July 31st. Check the MFRC website for updates.

Congratulations on your posting to Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt! Located near Victoria on the south end of Vancouver Island, CFB Esquimalt is primarily a naval base with an English language designation. The Base employs around 4,400 military members and 1,700 civilian personnel. Approximately 10% of its military population is Francophone. The Base has several locations spread over 25 kilometers in different communities surrounding Victoria. Most of the CFB Esquimalt facilities are located in the Esquimalt community approximately 4 kilometers from downtown Victoria.

Welcome Book

Learn information on the municipalities, where to live, car insurance, the schools plus more.

Greater Victoria

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia and one of the most beautiful places in Canada.

Activity Guide

Learn about the programs, workshops, events and training for the military family community.

Activities & Workshops

If you are new to Greater Victoria or the military community, here are some activities to get you connected.

Employment Info

Information on the local employment agencies and services in Greater Victoria.

Access a Family Doctor in Esquimalt

If you are a military family member and looking for a family doctor, there is a new option for you in Esquimalt.