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Unfortunately, we have experienced some delays in the renovation process at our Signal Hill location. We now hope to re-open by July 31st. Check the MFRC website for updates.


Here are a few resources from our social workers and counsellors that might be of benefit to you and your family.

Emergency Child Care Plan

Have you thought about who would take care of your children in the event of an emergency?Emergency Child Care Plan

The MFRC can help you develop an Emergency Child Care Plan prior to an upcoming work-related separation.The MFRC may be able to provide short-term emergency child care for CAF families during an emergency situation. Once you call the MFRC for assistance, an assessment is made of your needs and resources, and together we can develop an action plan. The MFRC cannot guarantee that staff will be able to find an emergency caregiver on short notice — so, it’s important for families to have a good back-up plan in place.

Examples of emergencies that families have experienced when utilizing this service:

  • When the CAF member is on duty and the spouse/caregiver is unavailable due to illness or a family emergency
  • When a single parent or both parents are CAF members and the CAF duty requirements are such that the regular child care provider is unavailable
  • When a child is ill and the parent is unable to access their usual child care arrangement at a time when the CAF member’s presence at work is criticial to the military operation

Get your copy of the Emergency Child Care Plan!

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Family Care Plan

Family Care PlanAdministered by the unit, the Family Care Plan makes sure you have plan in place to care for your family in the event of an emergency callout, planned deployment or unforeseen situation.

The Family Care Plan is here to help you plan for life challenges.Think about your family. What would you do if there was a car accident, unexpected illness or death, or if your house suffered damage due to flood or fire? Take an active role in helping your family prepare for the unexpected.

The Family Care Plan is not a legally binding contract, but rather an exchange of information between your family and the Commanding Officer. All Regular Force and Primary Reserve members are responsible for having a Family Care Plan in place for deployments and emergencies. When developing your Family Care Plan, it is important to consider all possible scenarios including emergency call-outs, domestic and international operational deployment, training and short-term duty requirements. It is the responsibility of all military members to fill out a Family Care Plan and return it to their unit.

If you require help to develop your family care plan, contact the Esquimalt MFRC for assistance.

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Transitions Book

Transitions-coverMilitary families experience many changes in their lives from relocations to deployments to the transition out of the military. The Transitions book will help you to learn how to effectively work through those changes. The book includes many experiences from military family members and the steps they took to minimize the impact of those changes.

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Veteran Family Journal

When you and your family depart from the military it may be difficult. Relying on your civilian community for health care, Veteran Family Journalemployment and other services will be key to a successful transition. The Veteran Family Program serves the member as well as your family, offering tools in support of your successful transition to civilian life.

The Veteran Family Journal was designed to be your working journal. As a tool, it contains checklists, information, resources and open spaces to keep track of your unique priorities as you transition from the Canadian Armed Forces into a civilian community.

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