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Your MFRC is an independent non-profit, staffed by qualified professionals. We know the military lifestyle – inside and out. Talk to us about everything from relocation to deployment, childcare, and counselling provided by registered social workers.

Program Staff

Executive Director Jackie Carlé
Director of Finance and Human Resources Lynne Bouchard
Program Manager Scott Branch
Community Engagement Manager Lisa Church
Base and Fleet Liaision Sylvain Jaquemot
Community Engagement Coordinator Rick Van Helvoirt
Program Coordinator Brianna Halstead
Social Worker – Family Liaison Officer Pauline Sibbald
Social Worker – Team Lead Holly Flower
Social Worker Cheryl MacQueen
Social Worker Dana Rogers
Social Worker Kaitlyn Ross
Veteran Family Coordinator Behni Moosavi-Shalmani
Finance/HR Coordinator Krista Granger
Finance/HR Assistant Lauren Wakefield
Bilingual Customer Service – Signal Hill Geneviève Pinard
Deployment Support Assistant Jennifer Switzer
Deployment Support Assistant Marlena Wright
Children’s Workshop Facilitator Tracy Beck
Program Assistant Claire Lambert
CPAC Client Service Assistant Danielle Porter
I & R Casuals Amy SimonsAlisa Street
English as a Second Language Instructor Sally Fraser

Child Care Staff

Daycare Supervisor Leanne Harel
Daycare Staff Bethany Clearwater, Lauren Dieleman, Christine Ferguson, Helen Hill, Rose Hyderzada, Dorota Jankiewicz, Orquidea Martinez de Rodriguez, Nadine Yecyec
Inclusion Worker Nicole Ward
Casual Child Care Janice Hartley, Siobhan Prasad
Casual Child Care – Casuals Penny Lopez, Ashley Stoughton, Trisha VanEk
Out of School Care Supervisor Nadine Yecyec
Out of School Care Staff Chantelle Armstrong, Kyla Fraser, Kathleen Turton and Abby Wismer

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