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Activities & Workshops

Here are some upcoming social activities and workshops available to those experiencing a deployment.

Away Cafe

Meetup group for people experiencing a deployment. Free child care, if booked in advance.

Build Your Own Everything Binder

Learn how to create a binder to prepare you for your upcoming deployment.

Children's Deployment Workbooks and Parent Guide: Info Session

Information session on how to use the children’s deployment workbooks.

Children's Deployment Workshops: Age 3-5

Tuesday morning workshops that give kids the chance to hang out with others going through the same experience. ***New session added for Thursday mornings!***

Children's Deployment Workshops: Age 5-8

Tuesday afternoon workshops that keep kids connected to the deployed parent.

Children's Deployment Workshops: Age 9-12

Monday afternoon workshops that help kids stay connected to the deployed parent.

Children's Deployment Workshops: Kindergarten-Age 12

Wednesday evening workshops for school age kids experiencing a deployment.

Deployment Bingo

Have a fun-filled night of bingo with other people experiencing a deployment.

Preparing for Deployment (R2MR): For Adults

If you are going to be experiencing a work-related separation, you’ll want to take this workshop.

Preparing for Deployment (R2MR): With Children

If you have kids and are going to be experiencing a deployment, this is a valuable workshop for you and your family.

Return and Reintegration (R2MR): For Adults

Learn some useful techniques and tips to have a successful homecoming.

Return and Reintegration (R2MR): With Children

If you have kids, here are some tips to help everyone in your family have a successful homecoming.

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