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Learn about deployment with these instructional videos. Each video focuses on something different and offers helpful hints from military members and their families on how to address this unique part of military life. (Deployment videos in French can be found here)

The D Word

Whether you are a seasoned spouse or you are about to experience your first deployment, this video helps illustrate the deployment experience and provides practical tips in dealing with the separation.

Re-establishing your Relationship

Most couples say the hardest part of the deployment can be the “reintegration” period. This video will help couples get their relationship back to a comfortable place that they see and feel as normal.

They're Back!

It seems like forever since they left and now they are almost home. As exciting as it is, it comes with a certain amount of nervousness. This video helps illustrate the return and reunion process and to provide some practical tips to make your reunion as smooth as possible.

Singles Homeward Bound

It’s not just families that have to think about returning from deployment. This video is geared towards single members and provides practical tips to re-establish their lives at home.

HMCS Regina Homecoming

A video account of the departure of HMCS Regina on January 6, 2014 and the return on September 17, 2014.

Preparing for Deployment

The MFRC talked to military members and their families about deployment:

  • What worked for them
  • What would they recommend to others
  • What advice they would give to other military members and their families

Here is what they said.

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