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443 Squadron Family Network

When you join the Family Network for 443 Squadron, you’ll receive important email updates on deployments, information on social activities and get the opportunity to connect with others going through the same experience. If your loved one deploys on an air detachment as part of a ship, we suggest that you join the ship’s family network.

Family Network Representative: Trista
Email:Family Network Rep
Facebook Group:443 Squadron Family Network
Family Information Form:EnglishFrench (PDF)
Deployment Support Book:EnglishFrench (PDF)
Unit Website:443 Squadron
Other Resources:Command Team Guide (PDF), Unit Liaison Handbook (PDF)

Build Your Own Everything Binder

Learn how to create a binder to prepare you for your upcoming deployment.

Colouring Contest

Every month, the MFRC has a colouring contest for all ages. Prizes to be won!

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COVID-19 Squadron Support Network

A few members wanted to establish a COVID-19 Squadron Support Network with the aim of assisting members and their families who may be self-isolating in accordance with the Chief of Defence Staff’s direction and public health authority orders.

  • Supporters are members who are healthy and able to pick up essential items for members in isolation. If you would like to help out by assisting fellow members, please fill out the Google form.
  • Supporters will be identified by area and their information will be made available in the private Facebook group dedicated to COVID-19 support for our members. Moreover, supporters’ contact information will be provided to MFRC so that the organization can assist if they receive any requests on their end of similar nature.
  • Those in need of support are encouraged to join the Facebook group ‘COVID-19 Squadron Support Network to easily connect with supporters in their area.
  • If you are not on Facebook and would like to request a supporter to do essential errands for you, you can contact Sandra Pinard at the MFRC for a supporter in your area.

Please note that this support network is meant only for current 443 members and their families. This includes those who may be deployed or on course with their families residing in the Greater Victoria & Cowichan area. Please be advised that it is at the supporter’s discretion to assist others who are not included in the network so long as they follow the directed social distancing measures. Our members’ health and safety are of utmost importance to us all so the more supporters available, the better; more supporters will lessen trips and possible exposure greatly.

Music Bingo

A fun night of music bingo brought to you by our friends at Regroove.

Mystery Mondays

A fun monthly online activity with other deployed families.

Podcast Listening Party

Sort of like a book club but for podcast episodes related to the military lifestyle.

Pre-Deployment Briefing for HMCS Calgary

Come learn about the upcoming deployment and get your questions answered.

Send Message of Support

Together We Stand Foundation is collecting messages of support for Master Sailor Duane Earle’s family, friends and CAF colleagues. Be sure to visit their website and send your message today.

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Wellness Wednesdays

An informal discussion around various mindful topics with the challenges of the military lifestyle in mind.

Where's the Bear Contest

Every month, the MFRC has a contest for you to spot the location of the bear in the photograph. Prizes to be won!

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