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HMCS Regina Family Network

When you join the Family Network for HMCS Regina, you’ll receive important email updates on deployments, information on social activities and get the opportunity to connect with others going through the same experience.

Family Network Representative: Ann Marie and Melanie
Email:Family Network Rep
Facebook Group:Email your Rep to be added
Family Information Form:EnglishFrench (PDF)
Deployment Support Book:EnglishFrench (PDF)
Deployment Guide:Download (PDF)
Website:Royal Canadian Navy

Away Cafe

Meetup group for people experiencing a deployment. Free child care, if booked in advance.

CO's Presentation

Here is the recap of the Commanding Officer’s presentation from June 2019.

Deployment Bingo

Have a fun-filled night of bingo with other people experiencing a deployment.

HLTA Information

According to the Logistics Officer aboard the ship, HMCS REGINA’s approved HLTA third location rates for each city of departure are as follows:

  • Singapore: $1,813.00
  • Seychelles: $2,538.00
  • Salalah:  $2,454.00
  • Muscat: $1,609.00
  • Dubai: $1,745.00
  • Cam Ranh Bay: $1,424.00
  • Okinawa: $2,232.00

Mail Dates

Drop off your care package for your loved one on HMCS Regina at either the MFRC’s Signal Hill location (1505 Esquimalt Road) or the Colwood Pacific Activity Centre (2610 Rosebank Road).

  • Wednesday June 12
  • Thursday July 4
  • Thursday July 11
  • Thursday July 25


Message from Executive Officer

Message from HMCS REGINA’s Executive Officer LCdr Brian Henwood

On the evening of February 18, 2019  REGINA’s CH148 Cyclone helo was in the process of conducting trials with MV ASTERIX.  During these trials the helo had a hard landing on the deck.  The helo sustained some damage to its blades and tail.  There were no serious injuries, and the helo is now onboard MV ASTERIX.  As a result of this, REGINA and ASTERIX will divert to Guam for a port visit to effect repairs to the helo that cannot be done onboard ASTERIX or REGINA, and we need additional parts from Canada.  This has resulted in a cancellation of our Port Visit to Manilla Philippines that was originally scheduled for 4 – 7 March.  At this time the remainder of our mission remains unchanged.

Mail that was sent to REGINA that was supposed to arrive in Philippines will still be forwarded to the ship, and our Logistics Department is working to try to have this mail diverted to Guam to meet the crew on arrival.



LCdr / Capc Brian Henwood, CD
Executive Officer, HMCS REGINA
Royal Canadian Navy

Sunday Information Session for HMCS Regina

Session designed to keep families informed during a deployment.


A few videos shared by HMCS Regina for your enjoyment.

Re-supply at Sea

Pacific Fleet Star Burst

Maneuvers in a High Sea State

Valentine’s Day Messages

57MM Gun Firing

Arrival in Pearl Harbor

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