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HMCS Winnipeg Family Network

When you join the Family Network for HMCS Winnipeg, you’ll receive important email updates on a deployment, information on social activities and get the opportunity to connect with others going through the same experience.

Family Network Representative:  Renée & Brodii
Email: Family Network Rep
Facebook Group: HMCS Winnipeg Family Network
Family Information Form: EnglishFrench (PDF)
Deployment Support Book: EnglishFrench (PDF)
Website: Royal Canadian Navy
Ship’s Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Other Resources: Command Team Guide (PDF), Unit Liaison Handbook (PDF)

Children's Deployment Workshops

Kids interact with other children who are going through the same experience. Workshops available for ages 3 through 12.

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HMCS Winnipeg Homecoming Briefing

This is an opportunity to learn more about HMCS Winnipeg’s homecoming plans.

Monthly Information Session Recap

Here is the HMCS Winnipeg Commanding Officer’s presentation from Thursday November 18, 2021. Each month the CO gives families an update on what the ship is up to and what is coming up. Great time to ask questions and stay informed.

Music Bingo

A fun night of music bingo brought to you by our friends at Regroove.

Respite Child Care

Families of HMCS Winnipeg qualify for free deployment respite child care when they experience a work-related separation 21 days or longer.  Take advantage of this great service and give yourself a break.

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Return & Reintegration (R2MR): Adult Session

Learn some useful techniques and tips to have a successful homecoming.

Return & Reintegration (R2MR): Parenting Session

If you have kids, here are some tips to help everyone in your family have a successful homecoming.

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