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MCDV Family Network

When you join a Family Network for the Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDV), you’ll receive important email updates on a deployment, information on social activities and get the opportunity to connect with others going through the same experience as part of HMCS Brandon, HMCS Edmonton, HMCS Nanaimo, HMCS Saskatoon, HMCS Whitehorse, or HMCS Yellowknife.

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Letter to Families

I wish to update you on the status and progress of HMCS Yellowknife and HMCS Whitehorse so that you may pass along to the crew’s friends and families.

The ships departed Esquimalt 15 March 2019 for Op CARIBBE. Op CARIBBE is Canada’s contribution to Operation MARTILLO, a U.S. Joint Interagency Task Force South (JIATFS) operation responsible for conducting interagency and international detection and monitoring operations and facilitating the interdiction of illicit trafficking. To this end, both Yellowknife and Whitehorse have embarked law enforcement teams from the United States Coast Guard. The Teams on both ships have thus far enjoyed Canadian hospitality and have particularly enjoyed the food the ships have to offer.

Yellowknife and Whitehorse and their USCG teams have seen some success thus far. They are accomplishing what they have trained for and set out to do. When they are not seizing contraband or interrupting the illicit trafficking of drugs into North America, the crew find time to work out, read, or watch shows and movies in their respective messes. The weather thus far has been excellent, with temperatures reaching 35C and saturating humidity. The air conditioning in the ships have been up to the task and your friends and family on board have been comfortable.

The ships’ success has not been limited to the prescribed mission. During their first weeks in the area of operations, both Yellowknife and Whitehorse took the time to rescue multiple sea turtles from discarded fishing line and debris. These acts of environmental protection and respect for the sea life was a great boost for moral and received positive feedback from the Canadian public.

When Yellowknife and Whitehorse were not interrupting the illicit drug trade or rescuing sea turtles, they were stopping at various ports along the western seaboard. The ports, which included stops in the US, Mexico, and Guatemala, allowed the crew to provision and fuel the ships and also allow the crew for some rest and relaxation.

Both ship’s crews are now celebrating the halfway mark of this deployment, and look forward to returning to their homeport next month. Their successes have been the result of proper preparation, but more importantly as the result of the support they receive from their loved ones at home.


D.R. Thompson-Greiff
Commanding Officer

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"They're Back" Video

It seems like forever since they left and now they are almost home. As exciting as it is, it comes with a certain amount of nervousness. This video helps illustrate the return and reunion process and to provide some practical tips to make your reunion as smooth as possible.

Welcome Home HMCS Whitehorse and HMCS Yellowknife

The two ships will be arriving in Esquimalt Harbour on Thursday May 16, 2019.  HMCS YELLOWKNIFE will cross Duntze Head at 9:45am and be alongside Y Jetty at 10am.  HMCS WHITEHORSE will cross Duntze Head at 10am and be alongside Y Jetty at 10:15am.

Parking is designated in the “Lang Cove” parking lot, which is on the Naden side of the Base, near the Canex.  To access the lot guests will drive through the main gate of Naden (off of Admiral Road).  Once through the gate you will take a left at the stop sign and drive up the hill towards the Fleet School.  The entrance to the parking lot will be on the left hand side of Ontario Drive just past Yukon Ave. Military escorts will be on hand to assist once you arrive at Naden.  Guests will be walking from the parking lot to Y Jetty.

Tips for Homecoming Day if you are coming to Dockyard

  • Arrive early, give yourself time to find parking, walk thru the gates and to the jetty, or take the shuttle (if provided)
  • Let your military member know you plan to attend their arrival, the ship’s are making access lists for guests at this time.
  • Dress warmly, it is always cooler than you think down near the water.
  • Bring strollers for young children.
  • DO NOT bring your dog, animals are not allowed on the jetty and we would not want you to leave your fur baby in your vehicle.
  • Bring snacks for young ones, it can be a long wait.

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