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MV Asterix Family Network

When you join the Family Network for MV Asterix, you’ll receive important email updates on a deployment, information on social activities and get the opportunity to connect with others going through the same experience.

Family Network Representative: VACANT
Email:Family Network Rep
NRU Asterix Facebook Group:NRU Asterix Family Network
Family Information Form:EnglishFrench (PDF)
Deployment Support Book:EnglishFrench (PDF)
Website:Royal Canadian Navy
Other Resources:Command Team Guide (PDF), Unit Liaison Handbook (PDF)

Colouring Contest

Every month, the MFRC has a colouring contest for all ages. Prizes to be won!

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Delicious Deployment Dinners

A group where participants share their ideas on the challenges of cooking during deployment.

Mail Dates

Drop off your care packages by the end of the day at either the MFRC at the Colwood Pacific Activity Centre (2610 Rosebank Road) or Signal Hill MFRC in Esquimalt (1505 Esquimalt Road).  Check out our mail guidelines for guidelines and restrictions on our postal page.

Déposer vos forfaits de soins avant la fin de la journée au CRFM au Centre d’Activités Pacific de Colwood (2610 Chemin Rosebank) ou au CRFM Signal Hill à Esquimalt (1505 Chemin Esquimalt). Consultez nos directives de courrier pour les directives et les restrictions.

Important Notes:
Due to the use of international mailing carriers, mail may arrive out of order.
Due to COVID there are no wrapping supplies available at either location at this time.

Notes Importantes :
En raison de l’utilisation de transporteurs postaux internationaux, le courrier peut arriver dans le désordre.

En raison de COVID, il n’y a pas des fournitures d’emballage disponibles à l’un ou l’autre endroit pour le moment.

Address / Adresse:
Crew member’s Name and Rank (Mess# if known) / Nom et grade du membre d’équipage (#Mess si connu)
MV Asterix
PO Box 99000 Station Forces
Halifax NS B3K 5X5

MFRC Locations and Hours / Emplacements et heures du CRFM

CPAC MFRC   Signal Hill MFRC

Music Bingo

A fun night of music bingo brought to you by our friends at Regroove.

Mystery Mondays

A fun monthly online activity with other families.

Podcast Listening Party

Sort of like a book club but for podcast episodes related to the military lifestyle.

Podcasts on Deployment

Here are a few episodes of the MFRC’s podcast that you might want to listen to.

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Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | iHeartRADIO | Stitcher

Parenting from Afar
This episode of The Military Lifestyle looks at parenting from a distance. The discussion looks at things you can do before, during and after the experience to make things better. Special guest: Tracy Beck, MFRC Deployment Workshop Facilitator.

Preparing Couples for Deployment
This episode of The Military Lifestyle podcast looks at the challenges of a military deployment, a few tools for managing it, coping strategies, goal setting, common errors and the importance of good communication. Special guest: MFRC Deployment Coordinator Sandra Pinard.

Preparing Single Military Members for Deployment
This episode of The Military Lifestyle podcast looks at what single military members need to think about before they deploy. The discussion is very practical and covers financial matters, income tax, power of attorney, vehicles, driver’s licenses, passports, information to share with friends and family plus more. Special guest: MFRC Deployment Coordinator Sandra Pinard.

Respite Child Care

Families of MV Asterix qualify for free deployment respite child care when they experience a work-related separation 21 days or longer.  Take advantage of this great service and give yourself a break.

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Wellness Wednesdays

An informal discussion around various mindful topics with the challenges of the military lifestyle in mind.

Where's the Bear Contest

Every month, the MFRC has a contest for you to spot the location of the bear in the photograph. Prizes to be won!

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