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Terra Firma Deployed Family Network

When you join a Family Network, you’ll receive important email updates on a deployment, information on social activities and get the opportunity to connect with others going through the same experience.

Terra Firma Deployed network is for those on deployment and for those experiencing a work-related separation due to a course.

Family Network Representative: Karissa
EmailFamily Network Rep
Facebook GroupTF Deployed Family Network
Family Information Form:EnglishFrench (PDF)
Deployment Support Book (Ships, Helicopters, MCDVs):EnglishFrench (PDF)
Other Resources:Command Team Guide (PDF), Unit Liaison Handbook (PDF)

Colouring Contest

Every month, the MFRC has a colouring contest for all ages. Prizes to be won!

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Delicious Deployment Dinners

A group where participants share their ideas on the challenges of cooking during deployment.

How to Send Morale Mail

All the details to get your morale mail or care packages ready for a smooth dropoff at the MFRC or at other authorized locations.

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Mail Package Dropoffs

Mail can be dropped off at the Fleet Mail Office, located in Dockyard, Monday to Friday between 9am and noon.  If loved ones have trouble accessing Dockyard then they are asked to call the Fleet Mail Office, at 250-363-2176, once they are in the Main gate parking lot.

Music Bingo

A fun night of music bingo brought to you by our friends at Regroove.

Mystery Mondays

A fun monthly online activity with other families.

Orca-class patrol vessels

The Esquimalt Military is providing support to the families of military members deploying on the orca-class patrol vessels through the Patrol Craft Training Unit (PCTU):

  • PCT Wolf 59
  • PCT Cougar 61
  • PCT Renard 58

Other patrol vessels include PCT Orca 55, PCT Raven 56, PCT Caribou 57, PCT Grizzly 60 and PCT Moose 62.

Please note the Special Mailing Instructions.

Postal Information for OP UNIFIER

Operation UNIFIER is Canada’s contribution to support Ukrainian forces through capacity building, in coordination with the United States and other countries providing similar training assistance. There are some specific mailing instructions for that deployment:

Respite Child Care

Families qualify for free deployment respite child care when they experience a work-related separation 21 days or longer.  Take advantage of this great service and give yourself a break.

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Wellness Wednesdays

An informal discussion around various mindful topics with the challenges of the military lifestyle in mind.

Where's the Bear Contest

Every month, the MFRC has a contest for you to spot the location of the bear in the photograph. Prizes to be won!

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