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Postal Information

The Esquimalt MFRC is the easiest and most popular way to send mail or parcels to a deployed military member. This is a free service. The MFRC has free wrapping supplies and customs declaration forms for your use. Mail gets picked up at the MFRC by the Fleet Mail Office Monday to Friday.

In total, there are five options on sending morale mail to a deployed military member.

  1. Drop off your package at the Colwood Pacific Activity Centre or the Signal Hill MFRC with a customs declaration form
  2. Drop off your mail at another MFRC in Canada with a customs declaration form
  3. Send through Canada Post with a customs declaration form (note: you will have to pay for this service with the only exception being around Christmas time)
  4. Drop off at Fleet Mail Office with a customs declaration form (note: parts of CFB Esquimalt might not be accessible to friends and family of military members)
  5. Drop off at another approved location (eg. 443 Squadron) with a customs declaration form

Please note: If your military member is away on a course or imposed restriction (IR), you must mail your letters or parcels through Canada Post. Call the MFRC at 1-800-353-3329 if you need help finding a mail drop off location near you.

Please note: A customs declaration form is now required for all care packages.

Important Resources 

Addresses for overseas operations and postingsEnglishFrench
Care Package Idea ListEnglish (PDF)
Postal Information for HMC Ships on DeploymentEnglish and French (PDF)
Postal Information for Terra Firma Members on DeploymentEnglish and French (PDF)
Postal Information for MV AsterixEnglish

Video: How to Measure Care Packages

If you cannot get to the MFRC to drop off a letter/parcel

There are additional locations that you can drop off care packages bound for deployed military members. These locations will put your package in the outgoing mail picked up regularly by the Fleet Mail Office.

443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron
9755 Willingdon, North Saanich, BC
Drop off with Commissionnaires
Open 24 Hours
View Map

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