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Resources & Services

Here are some resources and services that you can access while experiencing a deployment or work-related separation.

Children's Deployment Workbooks and Parent Guide

Children's Deployment BooksHaving trouble finding a workshop date or time that works for you?  Do you live too far away from the MFRC to participate in the Children’s Workshops?  Would you like to better support your child throughout their parent’s deployment?  What about doing your own Children’s Deployment Workshops at home?  We have developed Children’s Deployment Workbooks for children 3 to 12 years of age and an easy-to-use Parent Guide for the parent at home which includes tips and activities for the deployed parent.  Stop by any MFRC location to pick up your copy today!  Copies of these manuals are available to deployed members on their ships and electronically upon request.  Deployment staff are available to assist you throughout the deployment with email support.

**Order your own workbook and parent guide today by filling out this form! 

Learn how to use the workbooks by watching this presentation.

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Deployment Respite Child Care

Funded by The United Way of Greater Victoria and donations from individuals, respite child care (for children up to school age) is available at no cost when a military parent is deployed for 21 consecutive days or more. You can receive one continuous 3 hour session per week up to a maximum of 4 free sessions per month. Punch cards keep track of family usage. Parents must complete registration forms and follow established guidelines. If you have unique child care needs, please contact us. Register up to 8 days in advance of session.

Ages 6-18 months
Location: CPAC
Tues-Fri 9am-noon
Gradual entry required for new children
Call 250-363-2674 to book

*Additional sessions $15 per 3-hour session per child

Ages 18 months-5 years
Location: CPAC MFRC
Tues 9am–noon or 1–4pm
Thur 9am–noon or 1–4pm
Fri 9am-noon
Sat 9am–noon**

Call 250–363–2674 to book

**Saturday sessions are available for anyone experiencing a work-related separation or deployment. Note: there are only morning sessions available and the maximum number of children is eight. 

*Additional sessions $12 per 3-hour session per child


Preparing for and Dealing with Deployment

Preparing for and Return and Reunion and Homecomings

Parenting from Afar Book

Want to learn more about parenting in the military lifestyle?  Give the Parenting from Afar resource book a read!

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Preparing for & Dealing with a Deployment

Here are some interactive presentations to help you prepare you for any stage of a deployment

During Deployment
Anticipation of Homecoming

Raising Your Military Child Etool

Raising your Military Child e-toolIs your child struggling at school during deployment?

Is your teen confused about house rules when a parent is deployed?

This interactive presentation covers many deployment issues that may exist for your child – no matter what age they are.

Launch English E-tool   Launch French E-tool

Staying in Touch (SIT) Service

Sign up yourself or a loved one for a monthly “Staying in Touch” phone call or email to take place through a deployment or work-related separation. You will receive updates on the activities and services available to you through the Base and Community as well as updates on your member’s mission. If you are deploying, register your spouse/partner, parents, siblings or grandparents. We call anywhere in Canada. To subscribe, phone us at 250-363-2640 (toll-free 1-800-353-3329) or update your MFRC Contact Form.

Support to Command Teams

If you are a part of a command team and want to find out information about the MFRC services for your military members, you are in the right location. The Command Team Guide should serve both as a refresher for new command teams and as a guide in preparation for deployments to ensure a robust family support plan is in effect for your unit.

The MFRC is available if you need advice on a situation involving any of your people or if you want to set up a meeting after taking command or to prepare for a deployment.

Need help facilitating a deployment support plan? Check out the Command Team Guide guide for resources!

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Support to Unit Liaisons

Unit Liaisons are military members that help their Units stay informed of MFRC programs and services, and provide a way for Units at CFB Esquimalt to have a dialogue directly with the MFRC.

1-2 times per year, current or prospective liaisons receive a half-day training on their role and receive an in-depth look at the MFRC. A free lunch follows the training.

Take a look at the handbook developed by the MFRC to help guide these representatives of the MFRC.

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The Deployment Cycle

There are things that military members and their families can do before, during and after deployments to have a successful deployment. Want a few tips and tricks for dealing with a deployment? This quick slideshow covers a few things you might want to think about before you go through the deployment cycle.

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Stay connected with your loved one through our VTC. Enjoy a conversation with your loved one in a comfortable, private office at CPAC. The VTC is scheduled through the deployed CF member. For information, call 250–363–2640.

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