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Children’s Services

We serve children and families of full-time Canadian Armed Forces members living in the Victoria area. Our programs are licensed through Island Health and we offer full-time care, age appropriate activities, outdoor play and preschool programming.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a welcoming, nurturing and inclusive environment where children grow and explore while families feel appreciated and supported within the military community.

Our Philosophy

The MFRC’s Child Care Programs are based on providing a child-centered approach to care, taking individual needs of each child and family into account.   

All educators will promote a partnership between educators and parents to ensure consistent and respectful care for your child. Each educator will work with you to ensure consistent care for your child and to build a trusting, reciprocal relationship with you that is based on open communication.  Our objectives are to assist children to develop at their own rate in a safe, nurturing, supportive and respectful environment.

Additionally, care will be provided that is age appropriate and play based across various environments that stimulate curiosity, independence and positive emotional and social development.

We believe that all behaviors present an opportunity to learn. Very young children need guidance in learning socially acceptable behavior.  We try to use each situation to explain feelings, encourage empathy and model alternate solutions.  By setting clear and consistent limits, following through, intercepting inappropriate behavior, and explaining the reasons for the limits, we work with the children to gain confidence and learn to acquire social problem solving skills.

The program has an open door policy, which means parents/guardians are welcome to visit any time of the day.  When visiting your child, we encourage you to participate in your child’s care, routine and activities All educators deliver programming that encompasses best practices found within the Early Child hood Education (ECE) sector and provide individual and flexible care as needed.  Also, all staff are familiar with implementing additional supports when required regarding lifestyle challenges such as deployment and relocation.

We pride ourselves on providing a diverse and inclusive setting.  All children are welcome in various activities and care options available in our Children’s services program.  Activities and programs provided to our community will strive to include all children, regardless of support requirements, to participate to their fullest extent.

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