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Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and located on the southern part of Vancouver Island. There are plenty of reasons to love this area: a dynamic arts community, the mild climate, and the year-round outdoor life. You’ll find it a place rich in history with modern shops, recreation facilities and schools. You’re never too far from a great restaurant, a beautiful park or a walk by the ocean.


Here are some episodes of The Military Lifestyle podcast that might be of interest.

Military Family Financial Planning
Military life is different and so are your finances. There are deployments, postings, you might not have family close by and you might have businesses willing to give you a “great” deal. Let’s examine financial planning from a military perspective. Special guest: Suzie Fines, SISIP Financial Services.

The Canadian Armed Forces Ombudsman
The military is a complex system. There are a lot of policies that govern the way it operates and that system can be complex for even the most experienced person. If you ever feel like the system’s failed you, that you’ve got a complaint and think you’ve been treated unfairly, there’s a formal way to move forward. Special guest: Greg Lick, CAF Ombudsman.

Kim Mills from She is Fierce
Kim Mills is a writer that’s been living the military lifestyle for close to 20 years. Through her writing or storytelling and sharing her personal experiences, military families everywhere have connected to her work at She is Fierce. She speaks about deployments, anxiety and what she has learned from living the lifestyle. Special guest: Kim Mills.

Diversity and the Canadian Military
In Canada’s Defence Policy, it says the Canadian Armed Forces must reflect the diversity of the country that we defend, and that we need a military that looks like Canada. You often hear the phrase “stronger together” here in the military family community. If the military wants to reach its goal, families will be a big part of the process. Dr. Lisa Gunderson discusses privilege, bias, and a few things for the military community to consider.

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