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There is a shortage of family physicians accepting new patients in Greater Victoria and it can often be difficult to find a family physician.  Walk-in clinics are a great option for families unable to secure a family doctor.

Accessing Medical Services

Here are some links to assist you receiving medical services:

Resource DescriptionContact
MedimapA great online resource to find the closest walk-in clinic and the wait time.Visit Medimap
Victoria Medical SocietyUp-to-date listings of physicians in Greater Victoria and the surrounding areas who are accepting new patients.Visit VMS
Equinox Life CareThis virtual clinic gives you secure online access to family doctors, nurses, and specialists via a computer, tablet, or smartphone.Visit ELC
BC Nurse Line24-hour, confidential information and advice from a registered nurse. Can answer your questions about symptoms, health concerns, recommended course of action, and when to see a health professional.1-866-215-4700
Babylon by Telus HealthA mobile app that allows you to check symptoms, see a B.C. doctor and easily access your clinical records all through your phone.Visit Babylon

Notes on British Columbia

Residents are covered through British Columbia’s Medical Service Plan (MSP). This requires a monthly payment on a sliding scale made by each resident (which is normally deducted from the Canadian Forces member’s pay).

Health Cards in B.C. are called Care Cards. You can register for MSP online. However, often the Canadian Forces member initiates this process with the Base Orderly Room.

If you are relocating from another province, your current health care coverage will be valid for the first three months. Check with your current plan for more details about out-of-province coverage before you relocate.

Register for MSP   Coverage Wait Period

Please note: A B.C. Care Card number is required for some specialized services, such as autism support or home nursing support. For Canadian Forces families in these types of situations, the case will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and the three- month wait period might be waived. Contact the military member’s pay and benefit clerk to initiate waiving the wait period.


Here are some tips to help you find a family doctor in Greater Victoria:

Check with your current family physician
Your current family doctor may have some tips to help your family find a new physician. They may know of a physician accepting new patients in your new city.

Start your search early
Phone the MFRC to see if they have recommendations. Phone doctor’s offices to see if they are accepting new patients.

Check with friends or co-workers who already live in the area
Current residents may know of a family doctor accepting patients. If you know a family who is moving away from Victoria, ask their family physician if you can take their spot.

Use the same walk-in clinic each time
By using the same walk-in clinic, they can keep a medical file about you that will record your appointments, prescriptions, special needs and any other health concerns. If the clinic gets to know you and your family, they might also be able to let you know when another physician in town is accepting patients.

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