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Veteran Family Program

Transitioning out of the military and into the civilian world can be both an exciting and challenging time for military members and their families. The Veteran Family Program is available to help with a family’s transition. The program extends the MFRC’s mandate to cover medically-releasing Canadian Armed Forces members, medically-released veterans and their families.

About the VFP

How it works
There is no formal program to register for. If you need assistance, give us a call. We’ll assess your needs and work with you during your transition.

Who qualifies
Medically-releasing CAF members, medically-released veterans and their families will be able to access the MFRC after their release date.

What services are available
There are many existing MFRC services relevant to military members and their families transitioning to civilian life.  We can provide:

  • One-on-one support navigating the civilian health care, employment, and mental health systems
  • Help finding appropriate community resources for a family member
  • Short-term counselling or social work services
  • Transition programs and workshops

If you move
If you move away from Greater Victoria, you may still access some services at the Esquimalt MFRC at a distance depending on the needs. We will work with each individual on a case-by-case basis to assist you in finding support in your new location.

Get involved
Help us shape this program.  If you are a medically-releasing CAF member or a family member, give us input by contacting us 

Podcast: The Transition Out of the Military

The transition from the military to the civilian world represents a huge cultural shift. In this episode of The Military Lifestyle podcast, we explore why it is such a big adjustment, the different kinds of transition, loss of identity, what the challenges are, and what helps during the process. Special guests: Military anthropologist Dr. Anne Irwin and MFRC social worker Pauline Sibbald.

Transitions Book

Transitions-coverMilitary families experience many changes in their lives from relocations to deployments to the transition out of the military. The Transitions book will help you to learn how to effectively work through those changes. The book includes many experiences from military family members and the steps they took to minimize the impact of those changes.

English   French

Veteran Family Journal

When you and your family depart from the military it may be difficult. Relying on your civilian community for health care, Veteran Family Journalemployment and other services will be key to a successful transition. The Veteran Family Program serves the member as well as your family, offering tools in support of your successful transition to civilian life.

The Veteran Family Journal was designed to be your working journal. As a tool, it contains checklists, information, resources and open spaces to keep track of your unique priorities as you transition from the Canadian Armed Forces into a civilian community.

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