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Please note that all MFRC locations are closed on Friday February 15th for a Professional Development Day, on Saturday February 16th and on Monday February 18th for Family Day.

Emergency Family Planning

You need to plan ahead for the unexpected.

If something happened to an at-home family member during a deployment, you need to have a workable emergency family plan.

The MFRC can help you develop your plan
Are you in a relationship? Do you have a dependent child or children?  Do you have pets in your home? Do you have a dependent parent?  If you answered yes to one of these questions, you need an emergency family plan.  Before a crisis happens, contact the MFRC.  Staff at our organization can work with you to create a plan.

The MFRC can look at ways to build your support system
Sometimes after a posting or during a deployment, your world can get really small. It may seem like you have to frequently re-create your community. A strong support system is key for military families. Staff at the MFRC can work with you to identify and create the list of people that you can turn to in an emergency.

The MFRC may be able to provide some assistance upon assessment
It can be very difficult to find emergency care in the first 72 hours of a crisis. It can also be quite difficult to find weekend and overnight care.  It is so important for families to have a list of people that they can turn to in an emergency.  The MFRC may be able to provide limited assistance such as access to daytime respite care (with specific set times during the weekday).

Make an appointment by calling 250-363-2640 to work on your emergency family plan!

Download a printable PDF version of the plan.

English   French

Download a fillable PDF version of the plan.

English   French



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