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All MFRC locations will be closed starting Friday April 19 for Easter and will re-open on Tuesday April 23rd.

Parenting Support

The MFRC has resources to meet the unique demands of raising children in the military lifestyle. It’s about getting quality care, support and resources in an environment that understands the lifestyle.

Get your Emergency Child Care Plan in place

If something happens to the at-home parent while a military member is away for work-related reasons, what would you family do? It’s good to have a plan, a backup plan and a backup backup plan. The MFRC can help you put that plan together.

Tips For Parenting From Afar

  • Before the deployment, spend time with your family and have fun. Doing things you enjoy will lower stress and build happy memories.
  • Take time to talk through your concerns about the deployment with your partner. Use a positive problem-solving approach together as you address each item.
  • Keep journals to share with each other after deployment, or you can each use a small box to gather memories: ticket stubs, coins, short notes, and clippings.
  • Send mail to each other often:  postcards, pictures, email, and small packages. Have cards, paper & tape handy and pick up items when you are shopping.
  • Express appreciation and affection to each other for your extra effort in staying involved: for the parent who is away, the parent/caregiver at home, and the child.

Parenting-coverWant to learn more about parenting in the military lifestyle?  Give the Parenting from Afar resource book a read!

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